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Why I Love St. Joe’s!

Laura, Grade 3

I love St. Joe’s because there are nice teachers. I met very nice friends. I love all the fun activities like shaving cream words. We also have Catholic Schools Week. During that time we learn a country. This year we learned about Ireland. It was really fun. All the specials, parties, and field trips are really fun.

Brian, Grade 2

I love St. Joe’s because we help each other in school. At my school both the teachers and students know each other and are nice to each other. My favorite subject is gym.

Student, Grade 3

I love St. Joe’s because I make many friends.  I keep those friends over the years.  We play games and care for each other. The teachers are very nice. We learn, play, and have fun. I met my best friend at St. Joe’s. Our principal reads the Saint of the Day for us. We go to Mass, and learn about Christ, and how to be a good person.

Addison, Grade 3

I love St. Joe’s because I have more friends. I also like it because there a nice teachers. There are nice people who want to be my friend. The teachers teach good things. They always help you.

Will, Grade 2

I love St. Joe’s because of my friends. They are always there for me and the teachers are so nice, they help us learn. We know every person in each class so we are happy. I also love art, gym, music, media literacy. I love gym because I love to run and play and talk. It has been the best year ever!

Gavin, Grade 3

I love St. Joe’s because all the teachers are nice. I also love St. Joe’s because all the kids are nice. The food here is good, and if you bring extra money you can get ICE CREAM. There are so many other reasons that I could fill 100,000 papers.

Lily, Grade 3

I love St. Joe’s because the food is good. They serve ice cream. There are friends that play with me at recess. The teachers are nice. The subjects are cool. The parties are fun.

Christian, Grade 3

I love St. Joe’s the most because of my friends and teacher. I also love when we put shaving cream on our desks and make our spelling words. The field trips we take are really fun. I like my classroom because it’s unique.