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Anaren Community Service at St. Joe’s

Founded in 1967 by Hugh A. Hair and Carl W. Gerst Jr. as a supplier of microwave components and subassemblies to the defense electronics market, Anaren of Salem, NH is a major innovator of standard products and custom microwave and radio frequency (RF) technology.

Anaren encourages their employees to be responsible, active corporate citizens, through contributions to and involvement in community-based causes. Each year the company announces three choices in community service to the employees from all three work shifts, and the employees perform the community service of their choice.  For their service day, fourteen Anaren employees chose St. Joseph Regional Catholic School – OUR SCHOOL!!

An important item on the St. Joe’s to-do list was to move the preschool playroom per the child fire safety rules enforced by the Fire Chief of Salem. The Anaren volunteers disassembled the playhouse, moved it, and reassembled it in the proper location. They then, along with the new preschool teacher, worked together to arrange the preschool classroom and the new playroom for the upcoming school year.

A huge thank you goes out to Anaren employees for their kind service to our school!

Thank you for choosing us for your service day!!!!