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Something is Happening at SJRCS!

Something is happening at St. Joseph Regional Catholic School

As a small school, you might expect team participation in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) robotics program to also be small. But student interest in the FIRST Lego League robotics program has grown to four teams large!

Each team started by designing their team T-shirts and then their team robots and attachments. At the same time they began coding their robot missions, each team created an innovative research project around the FLL theme of World Class – Learning Unleashed.

The 8th grade girls’ team competed at Boston University Academy, and even though this was their rookie season, they excelled at their events and qualified for a Golden Ticket to the Massachusetts State FLL Robotics Championships at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) on December 20th. They also won a trophy for their “Gracious Professionalism”.

Meanwhile, on the same December 6th day, three other SJRCS robotics teams competed against 51 other teams at the NH/VT State FLL Robotics Championships. Each of these teams finished the day with respectable finishes, and a Judge’s Award for their Research Presentation.

With still one event left in the season, all four teams qualified for State Championships and brought four trophies back to the school trophy case.


Four teams, trophies, state championships from one small school would be remarkable by itself. This is the 4th year in a row St. Joseph Regional Catholic School has sent multiple teams to FLL State Robotics Championships.

In addition to the success of the school’s student engineers, the school’s robotics coach, Lynn Tabiatnejad was recognized and awarded the NH/VT Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to all!

Keep an eye on the student engineers from the robotics program at St. Joseph Regional Catholic School.