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St. Joe’s Alumni Quotes

Vin Donovan 1972

When I reflect on the many blessings in my life, I am forever grateful for the Catholic education I received at St. Joseph’s School. I graduated in 1972 and am still in touch with some of my classmates as the eight years we spent together created a life-long bond. Interestingly enough, I recently was in touch with Sister Rita Raboin, who taught at St. Joe’s before being called to missionary work in Brazil.

My education at St. Joseph’s nurtured my Catholic faith, prepared me academically to excel in both college and graduate school and also instilled the belief that career goals can be achieved with hard work and perseverance. (I still recall with fondness playing the role of the “Little Prince” in 1971 and “Charlie Brown” a year later.) For the past twenty-seven years, I worked for EMD Millipore, an innovative life sciences company which enables biopharmaceutical companies to develop and manufacture life-saving therapeutics. I held a number of senior leadership roles before retiring earlier this year.

I also have had a life-long passion for writing also encouraged at St. Joe’s. Two of my novels reached the quarter finalist stage in the highly competitive “Amazon Breakthrough Novel” contest which attracts up to 10,000 entries. Lessons learned were incorporated into my novel Chasing Mayflies which propelled it to runner up status for the Tuscany Prize in 2014.  I subsequently signed with eLectio Publishing and they released the novel today (July 12, 2016).

Every book has a back story. The motivation for Chasing Mayflies came out of the experience of watching my father lose a courageous battle with lung cancer in 2009. He exemplified for his six children, two dozen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren what a Christ-filled life looks like. While my Dad was the opposite of the main character in the story, he would agree with the central message that it’s never too late to seek forgiveness and the stairs to heaven are truly built with good works. The good thief and the courage of Saint Peter are central in this story of redemption which is wrapped in humor so the message will resonate in this year of mercy. As the story unfolds in the local area, naturally I had to include Saint Joseph Church in the plot!

This book is a testament that even today, Saint Joseph School still influences me.


Kerrie Rourke Densmore 1988

I have wonderful memories along with my academics, thanks to St.  Joe’s Grammar School. It’s nice to know that 24+ years after graduating 8th Grade, we managed to pull a lot of classmates and teachers together for a night at the Common Man Restaurant to reminisce and laugh.  How wonderful it was to have Mrs. Saunderson join us too! You don’t hear of grammar school reunions too often. St. Joe’s really was something special.

My learning lesson: To this day I remember Sr. Jean caught me chewing gum in 3rd grade. She gave me one piece of double sided graph paper and one pencil. In each teeny tiny square, I had to write the word GUM.  BOTH SIDES!  I never chewed gum in school again. Ever!


Ace Thompson 1988

My years at St. Joe’s afforded me the foundation for academic success, and instilled me with a strong work ethic.  Currently working as an elementary school administrator, I can’t help but look at new education initiatives such as “21st Century Learner and Common Core” without thinking, that’s what we were learning at St. Joe’s 25 years ago. My early years at St. Joe’s shaped me as a student, a friend, and a Christian.


Erin Doherty 1997

I loved my time at St. Joe’s.  It wasn’t just a school – it was a family.  I had many opportunities that helped shape who I am today – student government, public speaking, working in teams, competing in Odyssey of the Mind, and participating actively in my community.  After graduating from Middlebury College in 2005, I worked in student life for several years, and now I work at a leadership development company based in Washington, D.C.  I am currently telecommuting, as I live in Vienna, Austria with my husband, who is posted at the U.S. Embassy in Vienna.  Wherever I am in the world, I am always engaged in my community, thanks to the foundation of values I developed during my time at St. Joe’s.


Corey Bencivenga 1999

I come back to SJRCS because of the fond memories and wonderful staff. The SJRCS experience provided me with long lasting friendships and strong morals. I have my communication degree, Bachelors of Science from Suffolk University which I use in managing a family business.


Lexie Roth Kearley 1999

I come back to St. Joe’s to say hello to former teachers and also to enjoy the Christmas pageant. Not only did St. Joe’s teach me great morals and prepare me for my  young adulthood, it gave me the gift of lasting friendship.

Continuing education:  I studied ballet performance in College at Point Park University, and I am attaining a degree at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in Political Science while being a stay at home mom.

I have many photos to share for our 60th anniversary in September 2019.