Activities & Clubs

Preparing Students for the Future

Computer Club (grades 4 thru 8) In this club, students don’t just play video games; they program video games. While technology is used throughout the school to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, students are also given the opportunity  to program games and animation in Computer Club.  Their computer science projects use an “Integrated Development Environment” called Scratch.   Created by an MIT Group, Scratch provides a platform where students create projects that teach mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Members of this club demonstrate their projects at the school’s annual Science Fair.  This clubs is offered in the afternoon hours after school.

Homework Club (grades 6 thru 8) – Offered to Junior High students, this club is offered Monday through Thursday after school until 3:15 pm. Each day a Junior High teacher monitors Homework Club, allowing students the chance to ask academic questions.  The club is a great place for students to start homework assignments prior to sports practices or games.  Sign up for Homework Club online by filling out and submitting the  Homework Club Form.

Mad Science Club (Pre-K, grades 1 thru 8) – This hands-on highly educational enrichment program is led by trained and qualified instructors from Mad Science of Southern NH and Northern MA.  Members of this club meet after school each week for an hour-long program packed with fascinating demonstrations and inquiry-based learning that provides solid educational value. Each week, students will make and take home a science project related to the class topic.

Mandarin Language Club (grades 1 through 8) Students can participate in this club to learn how to speak, write and read the Mandarin language.  This club also offers a fun and engaging opportunity for students to learn about the Chinese culture.  For more information, contact the SJRCS office.

Robotics Club (grades 4 thru 8) Students can participate in this club which prepares members for competitions held by the FIRST LEGO League, a world-wide program started by New Hampshire native and inventor Dean Kamen.  Members of this club design, build, and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology.  While applying real-world math and science concepts, researching challenges that face today’s scientists, and participating in tournaments, they develop essential skills in critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and communication.

Student Council (grades 6 thru 8) The Student Council, newly elected each year among the Junior High students, provides students with the opportunity to learn leadership and good citizenship skills.  The Student Council participates in various events during the school year.

Yearbook Club (grade 8) The 8th graders are involved in planning and production of the annual yearbook featuring their graduating class.  Skills involved in this project include book design, writing, editing, graphic design, page layout, and other computer skills as well as video recording and production.

Birthday Book Club (all grades) – The Birthday Book Club honors students for their birthdays, teaches children to give rather than receive, and adds quality books and multi-media materials to our Library/Media Center. Over the past 8 years, the Birthday Book Club members have contributed over 825 curriculum based books to the school library collection. Memberships have honored the birthdays of students, school alumni, teachers and relatives.

The Catholic C.O.R.P.S  (grades 3 thru 8) This is a new group for 2016!   This group is all about finding your place with people who care. From community outreach to relationships, prayer and service, we have a place for everyone. The Catholic C.O.R.P.S. group encompasses many new and exciting experiences. Grades 3-5 meet from 2:45-3:30 and Grades 6-8 meet from 3:15 to 4:15, both on Wednesdays.

Just for Fun

1st Grade / 8th Grade “Buddies” In September, each 1st grader is assigned an 8th grade buddy with whom to share fun activities during the year including Halloween pumpkin decorating, Christmas gift swap, movie night, and more.  Buddies also sit together at school liturgies where the 8th graders serve as exemplary role models for their little buddies.

Art ClubOffered in the winter months, students learn a variety of art skills and media.



Bowling ClubStudents in 1st through 5th grades travel to a local bowling alley after school once a week in the winter to play some strings and have fun with their friends.


Jump Rope Club During this fun after-school club, music and games are played while students enjoy this high-energy sport.



Ski/Snowboard ClubOffered in the winter months, usually starting in January.  SJRCS offers students the opportunity to participate in a ski after-school program at Nashoba Valley Ski Area.  This popular club runs for six consecutive Friday’s and is for all levels of skiers and snowboarders from beginners to advanced.  If you don’t know how to ski this is an excellent opportunity to learn!  If you already ski or snowboard, then join to sharpen your skills and have some fun.  All students can participate; however, in grades 1st and 2nd one of the student’s parents must be able to come with the child each week. This club is a fun way to hang out with your friends for an evening of carving the powder, shredding the park and having hot chocolate in the ski lodge.