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School Events

A variety of school events are coordinated by the school administration and the Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) to enrich our students socially, physically, and spiritually.

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Halloween Parade

Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade parade through the school in their Halloween costumes.  Families are also invited to attend.

Salem Holiday Parade

The entire St. Joe’s community is involved in preparing the school’s Christmas float and participating in this town-wide parade.

Barnes and Noble Night

St. Joe’s staff members read Christmas stories to the elementary school children.  This enjoyable event also serves as a fundraising opportunity since a percentage of sales from the evening goes to the St. Joe’s library.

As the school year winds down in June, all grades enjoy a day of outdoor fun, participating in a variety of sports, activities, and competitions.

Victorian Tea

This traditional event held in February is intended for all female students and their moms, aunts, grandmas, sisters, etc.  Young girls get dressed up and bring their favorite dolls, while raffles are held and tea and snacks are served.

Junior High Dance

Several times a year, to celebrate occasions such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Graduation, the Junior High students gather together for a Friday night dance which features a DJ and plenty of chaperones.

Enrichment Programs

Throughout the year outside educators, artists, businesses, and others present programs designed for all grade levels.  Recent programs have ranged from the educational presentations of Mad Science to a visit from a Holocaust survivor.

Grandparents Day

In October, children celebrate a liturgy with their grandparents, followed by refreshments in the school hall.

Back-to-School Cookout

In late August before classes begin we kick off the the school year with a back-to-school cookout for students and their families preceded by a school open house.

Three times a year, parents join together in honoring the staff.  Breakfast or lunch is served in the specially decorated staff lounge where other surprises take place to show our appreciation for our dedicated teachers and staff members.

Family Pizza Day

Each class celebrates Family Pizza Day during the school year.  Students invite their parents to attend lunch with them on selected Fridays.

Musical Theater Program

Students in Grade K through 8th optionally participate in a Musical Theater Event in two performances at the school.

Catholic Schools Week Pot Luck Supper

Families celebrate Catholic Schools Week in January/February time frame by attending a community Mass followed by a Pot Luck Supper and school open house.

Christmas Show

This annual event never fails to put the entire St. Joe’s community in the Christmas spirit. In the beautifully decorated auditorium, students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 perform a variety of holiday songs, Christmas carols, recitations, and a unique retelling of the nativity story. A morning show is put on for fellow students and an evening show for families.

Spelling Bee

In January, selected students from Grades 5 through 8 participate in this nail-biting competition, the winner of which goes on to represent St. Joe’s at the Scripps Howard Regional Spelling Bee.

8th Grade Graduation Dance

The 6th and 7th Grade classes host an annual farewell dance for the 8th Grade to celebrate their graduation from St. Joseph School. The 6th Grade contributes financially and the 7th Grade develops the ideas and decorates the auditorium for the big event. This is a formal event attended by the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade classes usually toward the end of the school year.