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This page lists St. Joseph Regional Catholic School review statements made by parents within our school, and statements made by others on other websites (for example, greatschools.org).

SJRCS Parent Comments

During Open House in October, 2015

It was lovely to be able to get to see the pre-school room and all of their artwork thus far in their portfolios.”
Brooke Fenton
We are very happy with the pre-school and the school in general.” Anonymous
An Email Sent to the Principal
Dear Dr Mac, 
As Hunter and Aryn prepare to matriculate out of SJRCS, and the family prepares to Move to Minnesota, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and all the teachers at St. Joe’s for everything.  Our experience here was directly related to the attention, care, and community of the whole St. Joe’s family.
Education is so much more than the 3 R’s, and my children leave here with the intelligence you gave them, but more importantly, the confidence and spiritual growth that as a parent I can only be thankful for.
Thank you
Charles Marble


February 07, 2015

We have 2 children in the school who have absolutely loved their teachers. We love the community aspect of this school. They have welcomed our family with open arms. There is a long history and tradition to this school. We could not have asked for a better alternative to the public school situation here in Salem.  – submitted by a parent

 November 27, 2012

This school totally prepares the children for high school and beyond. The quality of education is very high, with concentrations in Math, Science, and English for both academics and extra-curricular activities. Most of the children that move on to high school from St. Joseph’s 8th grade are honor roll or high honors students and have become extremely successful in their future careers. Check out the web site at www.stjosepheagles.org. The students not only get a great education from this school – they carry with them the spiritual and ethical manners and courtesy that is lacking today in other schools. This is a great school with highly qualified teachers and I highly recommend it.  – submitted by a parent