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Physical Education

Physical Education supplies benefits to the cardiovascular system, lungs and vascular system, muscle system (strength and endurance), enhances flexibility, and maintains consistent body composition.

The objective of St. Joe’s physical education is to provide a comprehensive program from kindergarten to grade 8, with a strong emphasis on the fitness component.

Based on these sound education principles and research in motor learning and exercise physiology, the particular goals are:

  • To foster in children a love of physical activity and play
  • To instill a need for physical fitness in each child
  • To develop coordination, grace and control
  • To provide opportunities for increased responsibility in planning, organizing and leadership
  • To give children a wide skill of games
  • To present opportunities for children to belong to a group in which a child is accepted
  • To provide experiences that will develop initiative, self- reliance, self-worth, loyalty, honesty, kindness to others, and a love of learning
  • To develop a sense of fair play and cooperation in children and the ability to work in groups, leading to increased cultural understanding

By presenting K-8 students with a variety of challenging, stimulating activities during each lesson throughout the year, this P.E. program will help create an enjoyable, success-oriented experience that will reach every child. Moreover, the program provides for the mainstreaming of atypical children within the context of the regular physical education lesson. Special attention has been given to providing social interaction and the improvement of self-concepts, cooperation, and sportsmanship, fitness and skill development, and acquisition of basic health fundamentals through conceptual learning.

Interaction of the four “F’s” – FUN, FITNESS, and FRIENDSHIP through the FUNDAMENTALS of Physical Education – stimulates children to want to participate in physical activities not only during the school years, but for the rest of their lives.

For information about the Physical Education grading process, click here.