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St. Joseph

Parent Volunteer Association (PVA)

The St. Joseph Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) consists of all parents/guardians of current students.  Along with vital fundraising activities, the goals of the PVA are:
  • To enrich our student’s experiences at St. Joe’s.
  • To foster a sense of community among all students, families, teachers, and staff.

The PVA is comprised of various committees that plan, organize, and run events and programs that benefit our St. Joe’s family including family socials, community service projects, school events, and fundraisers.  There are also individual opportunities to volunteer throughout the school year or at specific times to provide much needed help in our kitchen, library, sports programs, robotics team, school grounds, and other school projects.  *If sufficient volunteers are not available, a program/event/social may not happen.*

All are welcome and encouraged to be active in the PVA! For more information about volunteering, please see the Family Portal.
Thank you for your support and involvement!
Questions?  Send email to info@sjrcs.com.