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Our Vision

With Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, as a model, St. Joe’s values its partnership with parents in the development of their children. The school’s strong academic program, which is integrated with Christian values, promotes critical thinking and prepares students to succeed in their future educational pursuits, to practice good citizenship, and to be productive members of a global society. Welcoming students of all faiths in southern NH and the Merrimack Valley, St. Joe’s is dedicated to maintaining a safe, caring, and respectful Catholic community in which each child’s God-given talents are developed, nurtured, and challenged.

St. Joseph Regional Catholic School continues to be an excellent example of Catholic education in southern New Hampshire and the Merrimack Valley, by providing students from pre-school through eighth grade with a Catholic faith-based education that encourages community service, utilizes state-of-the-art technology, and promotes academic excellence.

Our Mission Statement

St. Joseph Regional Catholic School of Salem, NH, provides a complete education designed to challenge and motivate all students to reach their full potential in mind, spirit, heart, and body.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a St. Joseph’s education include:

  • Teaching and living the Gospel values within a respectful Christian community.
  • The integration of Catholic faith across the entire school day.
  • A strong academic program which promotes critical thinking and good citizenship.
  • Challenging and motivating each child according to each child’s needs.
  • Partnership with parents to develop their children’s mind, spirit, heart and body.
  • The use of technology as a tool to become productive members of a global society.

Our Slogan


Inspired by faith and guided by wisdom, our children soar!

Our Logo

The following are the symbolisms of our logo:

    Cross – For our work developing your child spiritually

   Book – For our work developing your child academically

  Eagle – For our work developing your child physically and socially