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Multimedia Youth Contest

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) Multimedia Youth Contest is a tool to engage young people in grades 5-12 in learning about poverty in the U.S., its root causes, and faith-inspired efforts to address poverty, especially through CCHD.

St. Joseph sent six submissions to the 2017 Multimedia Art Contest.  This annual competition for students in grades 5 to 12 is hosted by the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Manchester.  It is a unique educational experience that provides schools and parishes an opportunity to engage the entire community in learning about:

(1) how low-income persons themselves can effectively lead efforts to address the causes of poverty in their communities

(2) how all Catholics are called to act in support of such efforts as a result of their faith and the values of Catholic social teaching.

This year’s theme is “Being Neighbors in Our Common Home.”  

Our submissions were created by these students or pair of students:

  1. Shannon Carroll (Grade 7-12 entry)
  2. Sean Norris and Connor Donovan (Grade 7-12 entry)
  3. Cade Dones and Carl Berni (Grade 7-12 entry)
  4. Joseph Quaratiello and Anthony Sadek (Grade 5-6 entry)
  5. Jayson Lavoie (Grade 5-6 entry)
  6. Teagan Crowell (Grade 5-6 entry)

An Art Show and Awards Ceremony displaying all the submissions was held on January 23 at St. Catherine of Sienna in Manchester.

Shannon Carroll won third place for grades 7-9!  Congratulations Shannon!

Some of the entries from last year and this year are displayed in our conference room on the third floor, as well as some art posted in the school halls.

Congratulations Eagles!!