About the Principal

We congratulate
Mrs. Mary Croteau
Our New Principal of St. Joseph Regional Catholic School!!

Mrs. Croteau possesses the essential combination of faith , experience, and love for St. Joseph School, which clearly indicates she is the right leader to help St. Joe’s continue moving towards a brighter future. She has been the “acting principal” when Dr. Mac attended off-site meetings and events for the past three years; administering school business, managing the faculty/staff, and addressing building or other concerns.

Her love for this school and its students is second to none!

Prior to teaching at St. Joe’s, Mrs. Croteau’s son, Blake, attended the school and graduated in 2013. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Saint Mary’s College and she obtained her master’s degree in elementary education from Simmons College . In 2016 she successfully completed the Aspiring Leadership Academy Program; a program of the Diocese of Manchester that develops aspiring school leaders who are faithful to the tradition of Catholic education. Although a large portion of Mrs. Croteau’s experience has been in education, teaching is a second career for her. She previously co-founded and operated an executive search firm where she was Vice President in charge of all administrative, operational, accounting, and day-to-day operations.

Mrs. Croteau ’s strengths are many. She knows the students and school along with its history, which allows her to be an effective leader immediately. Her fellow teachers and staff receive her warmly and appreciate all she does for the school, before, during, and after school hours.  I am heartened by the fact that she is both prepared and excited to take on her new role! She recognizes what needs to be done, is encouraged by the support of the School Advisory Board and of the Diocese , and fully understands all that has been accomplished over the past three years.  Being familiar with the many initiatives that have been established to improve and grow the school, such as the capital campaign, the extensive strategic planning, NCEA accreditation, and the expanded financial aid program, she understands the importance of continuing these initiative s for our continued success.

Mary will formally begin her new role effective July 1, 2017.  I will continue to work with the transition leadership team and the school’s advisory board to ensure a smooth transition and successful end of the year for all the children and families we serve at St. Joseph’s Regional School. We will make sure to provide information regarding classroom teacher assignments, staff assignments, capital campaign summer activities, and other strategic plan initiatives such as hiring a full time marketing/admissions and development director before the end of the school year.

Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Croteau
and praying for her as she transitions into her new role as principal on July 1, 2017!!

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

David Thibault
Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Manchester
(603)669-3100 ext. 144