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Grades K – 8 Tuition

School Year 2020/2021
(4 Children)


Method of Payment

Supported Rate

Non-Supported Rate*

Paid in Full



Paid Early
(BEFORE July 1, 2020)



Paid in 11 payments



Paid in 2 payments
(July & January)



Paid in 4 payments
(July, October, January, & April)



For a printable version of the K-8 Tuition, click here.

For one child tuition rates, click here.
For two children tuition rates, click here.
For three children tuition rates, click here

*To be considered for a Supported Rate, the family must:
1) Be registered in a parish in the Diocese of Manchester
2) Be a contributor of record (weekly envelopes)
3) Actively participate in the life of the parish as determined by the Pastor.  A Supported Rate Form must be signed by your Pastor.



Tuition Payments

Payment of tuition and fees for 2020-2021 MUST be paid in ONE of the following ways:

  • Pay in full (by July 1, 2020 and receive a 3% tuition discount).  Payment should be made by check directly to:

St. Joseph Regional Catholic School
Attention: Business Office
40 Main Street
Salem, NH 03079

  • Pay thru FACTS either monthly (July 2020 – May 2021), semi-annually (July & January) or quarterly (July, October, January & April).  All FACTS tuition payments for the 2020-2021 school year MUST be made through the FACTS Tuition Management Program beginning in July 2020.  FACTS payments are deducted automatically from your designated banking institution. FACTS charges each family an annual processing fee for their service, which is charged to your designated account.   For an additional convenience fee, you can choose to have this charged to an AMEX, MasterCard, Discover Card, VISA Card or Debit Card.  Call FACTS at 1-800-233-1096 to set this up, or see more information at Facts Management.  When calling, reference St. Joseph’s school account #285.

Please note that tuition must be paid in full by May 31st of 2021.

If you were enrolled in 2019-2020 and paying through FACTS Management, you need to log in and update at the year’s end to be re-enrolled for payment for the 2020-2021 school year.  Without the separate office paperwork, you are NOT automatically re-enrolled in the school.  If you have not yet enrolled with FACTS, you must enroll at Facts Management for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.   Be sure to read the FACTS terms and conditions of the FACTS Tuition Program before completing your registration.

A Tuition Invoice showing the final amount owed (Tuition due, minus any deposits made and Financial Assistance granted) is sent out when available.

A tuition contract must also be filed with the Main Office.


Unpaid Balances

St. Joseph Regional Catholic School will charge a $10.00 late fine on the 15th of each month on any unpaid balances due to the school.  Each non-sufficient funds check returned by your bank will result in a $25.00 fee being charged to your account. If you have a past due balance due on your account as of the end of this school year, that money will be due and payable by the last day of school and is to be paid directly to St. Joseph Regional Catholic School. Your child will not be considered registered until that amount is paid in full. St. Joseph Regional Catholic School counts on the prompt payment of all fees and tuitions so that the school can run smoothly. Please contact the principal or the business manager if individual circumstances change and you will be unable to pay your tuition on time.  We will make every effort to work with you. If payments by any family become so delinquent that it becomes necessary to send your account to a collection agency, all costs associated with collection will be your responsibility.  In addition, the school will reserve the right to determine your child’s enrollment status.


Withdrawal Policy

While we would love to have all students stay with us, sometimes circumstances change.  For changes like a planned, extended absence or withdrawing from the school, please notify the school in writing. Should your child be out of school for an extended amount of time, three calendar weeks or more, the tuition for that quarter will still need to be paid.  Should you move /leave within a quarter, tuition for that quarter needs to be paid in full.  Should you move/leave within two weeks of the end of a quarter, tuition for the following quarter will still need to be paid in full; our budget will have been calculated on enrollment.  Registered students who withdraw before the first day of school will be responsible for ¼ of the full tuition amount.




All fees are nonrefundable.

Registration Fee: $100.00.  (all students) Due by February 1 in the following school year.

Registration Fee New Families: $100.00 (required at the time of enrollment)

Insurance Fee for iPads: $50.00, (Grades 6, 7, 8)

Graduation Fee: $100.00. (Grade 8 only)


Referral Program (For Preschool and K-8)

Current families, teachers, and staff can receive $500 (K-8 referral) or $100 (Preschool referral) for any new family they refer to St. Joe’s.  The new family must register their child(ren), stay for a full school year, and must complete the Referral Form. For more information about the Student Referral Program and the Referral Form, click here.