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Facts Management

FACTS Peace of Mind Benefit (POM)

The FACTS Peace of Mind benefit (POM) will pay any FACTS unpaid balance (except payments in arrears) in the event of the death of the responsible party who has entered into this agreement or his/her legal spouse. Coverage does not apply when cancer or complications related to cancer cause death, and the individual has received or been advised to receive medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment for cancer at the time coverage begins. Additional information on POM is provided in the terms and conditions. The nonrefundable annual fee for this benefit is $12 per FACTS agreement. If you elect to enroll, the POM fee will be added to your FACTS Enrollment Fee. If applicable, you will be automatically reenrolled in the POM plan each consecutive year you have a FACTS Automatic Tuition Payment Agreement.

About FACTS Management

FACTS is the leading tuition management service in the nation, serving approximately 5,000 schools and nearly one million families.   FACTS helps alleviate the stress of managing education costs by distributing tuition payments over time. This program provides several methods of payment that you can choose from when making your payments.

Accessing FACTS Management

St. Joseph Regional Catholic School uses an integrated version of the FACTS Tuition Management and FACTS SIS systems.
As a parent/guardian you can access your FACTS account using the Facts Family Portal.

FACTS Family Portal                      Access Instructions

Thank you for your loyalty to St. Joseph Regional Catholic School. We depend on your support in our efforts to provide the highest quality of education for your child(ren). Your continued support and cooperation is appreciated, as we remain committed to our mission of challenging and motivating all students to reach their full potential in mind, spirit, heart and body.

Re-enrollment in FACTS

If you are currently enrolled and paying monthly through FACTS Management at St. Joe’s, you must re-enroll for the FACTS Management program for the next school year.  Your first tuition payment automatically begins in July of the new school year and ends in May of the following year (11 months) using the payment method and date that you used for the previous year.  The annual processing service fee per family is charged by FACTS each year (amount may change annually) and is automatically collected before the first payment per your designated payment method.  Please check the FACTS Web site for the deadline for making a change to your payment option.  Late setups or changes are subject to an additional processing fee at the discretion of the FACTS program.

For more information about the FACTS program see Facts Tuition Management Company.