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Pablo Picasso once wrote,
Every child is an artist.”

The art curriculum at St. Joseph’s School is designed to merge the elements and principles of art with art history and various artistic styles to students in grades 1 thru 8.

In class, the students learn that in creating art work, our ingredients are the elements of art: line, color, shape/form, texture, space, and value. How these are used makes up the principles of art: balance, emphasis, proportions, movement, rhythm, repetition, pattern, variety, and unity. Students can practice identifying the elements and principles of art when critiquing their own work and when they observe and respond to the works of famous artists, thereby deepening and broadening their base of aesthetic understanding.

Students have an opportunity to explore and experiment with various mediums such as tempra and watercolor paints, craypas (oil pastels), chalk pastels, colored pencils, markers, charcoal, wire, fabric and clay to create wonderful works of art. Each medium has its own creative properties and limitations that the students will learn to understand and appreciate as they begin to nurture and develop their own artistic expression. Imagination is the greatest gift of the artist! Art lessons tap into the natural imagination of children by supplying a framework of developmentally appropriate activities designed to lead toward self-expression.

Classroom Rules:

  • Students are expected to follow established school rules regarding respect for themselves, for others, property, and art materials.
  • Students will work with fellow classmates in cleaning up and returning art materials to proper place in a timely manner.
  • All art materials will be used appropriately to avoid accidents or injuries.
  • Students will respect all artwork hanging in hallways or classrooms.
  • Students will work independently (unless otherwise specified) so as not to interfere with the creative process of other students.