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Grades 1 – 5

The information below provides an overview of some of the academics for elementary Grades 1 – 5*.

Independent Investigation Method (IIM) Research Projects

Students in each grade participate in research projects (Independent Investigation Method (IIM)) which involve intense research, writing, and visual demonstratives on a specific topic.  Students are taught how to research their project and record their findings, organize  facts and information leading to the development of a research paper, and create a visual demonstrative to further enhance the understanding for their topic. Students gain knowledge and education in English, Journalism,  and Library skills, as well as an understanding about the world around them. Specific topics in past years include:

  • Grade 1: Penguins
  • Grade 2: Seasons
  • Grade 3: Organisms and Their Habitats
  • Grade 4: States
  • Grade 5: National Parks

Click on the following links for printable brochures of the curriculum for Grades 1 – 5.


*Information regarding the Elementary School curriculum is updated when required to insure up-to-date content and promote progressive educational methods.