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F A Qs

What is the maximum class size?
The class size of each grade is based on the number of accepted applicants to St. Joe’s and the number of staff available. Typical class sizes range from 5 to 23 students per class.

Are the teachers at St. Joe’s certified and experienced?
Yes.  All teachers at St. Joe’s are New Hampshire-certified teachers.  Some teachers also carry certifications from other states.  The teachers at St. Joe’s have high credentials and long-term, extensive teaching skills.

Are there teaching assistants in the classroom?
Preschool has a qualified teaching aids to help the preschool teachers with day-to-day activities with the children.  Kindergarten through 8th all have highly qualified, full-time teachers in the classrooms.

What are the hours of instruction at St. Joe’s?
Students should arrive to school between 8:00 AM and 8:15 AM.  Common prayer begins at 8:15 AM.  School dismisses at 2:45 PM.

Do the students wear uniforms?
Yes.  Grades 1 through 8 must wear the uniform designated for St. Joe’s students.  St. Joe’s strictly enforces the uniform codes in the school.  St. Joe’s provides access to a uniform company that Parents may utilize for purchasing uniforms and uniform accessories.  Some parts of the uniform can also be purchased from local stores.  An “St. Joe’s Boutique” is also available in the school that provides “gently used uniforms and accessories” for very reasonable prices.  For information on the uniform codes and policies, and for information on where to purchase the uniforms, see “Uniforms” on the Policies & Procedures page.

What can female students wear for uniform shoes?
Navy, black or brown dress shoes for girls.

May anyone attend Open House to visit the school?
Yes, it is a night to hear what teachers plan for each of their classes.

Does St. Joe’s offer before-school and after-school care?
Yes. St. Joe’s offers a Sharing Our Academics and Recreation (SOAR) Program (extended care) which is open to Pre-school, Kindergarten, and Grades 1 – 8.  The SOAR Program is located in the St. Joe’s building and offers before school hours (7:00 AM to 8:15 AM.) and after school hours (2:45 PM to 6:00 PM).  Registration is required and a separate fee is charged for this service.  Click here for more information about the SOAR Program.

Does St. Joe’s offer a hot lunch program?
Yes.  Grades K – 8 students have lunch in the cafeteria at alternating times to accommodate the large number of students that eat their hot or cold lunch.  Students can purchase a hot lunch, which includes milk, for a minimal charge, or bring in a lunch from home.  Menus are based on good overall health and nutrition for each child.  Themed lunches (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) are provided during holiday time periods in the school.  St. Joe’s also offers a discount lunch program for those who qualify. Contact the Business Office for more information. For more information about the lunch program at St. Joe’s, see Food Service.

Does St. Joe’s have snack/drink machines?
Yes.  There is a “wholesome” snack machine and juice machine in the cafeteria that is available for students to purchase healthy snacks and juice.  St. Joe’s strives to promote a healthy, nutritious environment for each child.

What sports, clubs, and other activities does St. Joe’s offer?
St. Joe’s offers a variety of sports including cross-country and soccer.  St. Joe’s also offers many after-school activities and clubs such as Computer Club, Robotics Club, and others.

Are graduating students at St. Joe’s successful in their future academic careers?
Yes!  Many alumni from St. Joe’s have gone on to be valedictorians in their high school and college careers.  For alumni information, quotes and St. Joe’s in the media, see the Alumni section of this web site.

Does St. Joe’s offer financial aid towards the school tuition?
St. Joe’s has partnered with the FACTS Management Program to offer assistance with tuition if the family of the student meets the required qualifications.  Along with the financial aid application, FACTS requires supporting documentation (current tax W-2 forms and previous year tax return) when determining eligibility. Amounts are determined by the need factor and amount of funds available.  For questions about FACTS financial aid, call FACTS at (800) 624-7092.  For more information or to apply for financial assistance, go to FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment.

For any other questions you may have, feel free to call the St. Joseph Regional Catholic School Main Office at (603) 893-6811.