(603) 893-6811 mainoffice@sjrcs.com

Faculty & Staff


Office Administration

Nancy Peters
Office Administrator


Alexis Kearley
Director of Marketing, Enrollment and Development


Karen McLaughlin
Athletic/Activities Director

Stephanie Olverson
First Aid/Office Assistant

Elizabeth Roth
Guidance Counselor
Safe Environment Coordinator

Vince Mahoney
Accounting/Business Office


Mrs. Garcia
Preschool Lead Teacher 3


Jennifer Roscigno
Preschool Lead Teacher 4


Kaitelyn Autiello
Preschool Assistant Teacher

Kathleen Amiss
Preschool Assistant Teacher


Diane Hagerty
Kindergarten Teacher

Lisa Brooks
Kindergarten Teacher



(Grades 1 – 5)

Kim Heghinian
Grade 1

Brittany McLaughlin
Grade 1

Marcie Nee
Grade 2

Joan Payeur
Title I Reading Specialist

Beverly Caro
Grade 3





Lillian Houghton
Title I Reading Specialist

Rick Beshara
Grade 5


Jr. High
(Grades 6 – 8)

Shaunna Kirkpatrick
Grade 6 Home Room
Social Studies (6th-8th)
6th Religion
6th Literature


Stephanie Fallavollita
Grade 7 Homeroom
English/Language Arts (6th-8th)
Literature (7th-8th)
7th Religion


Mariela Ditullio
Grade 8 Homeroom
Spanish (PreK-8th)
8th Religion


Maureen Cocchiaro

Josef Kish

Integrated Arts
(Preschool – Grade 8)


Physical Education
(Young World)


Betty Ann Beebe

Bruce Gates

(Young World)



SOAR (Extended School Program)
Food Services

Marie Farren
SOAR Program Director
Food Service Director

Facilities Services

Christopher Crowell
Facilities Services