Kindergarten & Grades 1-8 Tuition Rates


Annual Tuition for Kindergarten through Grade 8
(per child)

Method of Payment

Supported Rate

Non-Supported Rate*

Paid in Full



Paid Early
(BEFORE July 1, 2017)



Paid in 11 payments



Paid in 2 payments
(July & January)



Paid in 4 payments
(July, October, January, & April)



For multiple children tuition rates, click here.

*To be considered for a Supported Rate, the family must:
1)Be registered in a parish in the Diocese of Manchester
2) Be a contributor of record (weekly envelopes)
3) Actively participate in the life of the parish as determined by the Pastor.  A Supported Rate Form must be signed by your Pastor.

Tuition Payments

Unpaid Balances
Withdrawal Policy
Student Referral Program (For Preschool and K-8)